Hello Everyone,

We are reaching out to ask for some desperate help to SAVE the National City Southeast, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4630 located in National City, CA. We are hoping that all members, past and present, families and friends, as well as the community at large, will contribute.

Due to Covid-19’s mandated closure of nonessential businesses,  our Post complied with the recommendations of the CDC and federal government. We have had to close our doors more than once this past year. These shut downs have forced us to keep our doors closed to our members as well as the public resulting in this effort for assistance.  VFW Post 4630 depends on the income that is generated from our patrons. While the income has stopped, the bills and operating expenses are continues.  Our cash on hand is depleted.

We are asking our members and the public to help support and maintain operations with any donations you can give. The bulk of the money will go towards paying the bills to keep the doors open:  taxes, insurance, electricity, gas, water, roof repair and regular maintenance of the building.  A portion will be used to help with the immediate needs of the Veterans in our community.  Our minimal staff  has been working continuously as volunteers.  Every little bit helps!

For 75 years the VFW Post 4630 has been helping Veterans of Foreign Wars, Veterans and involved in the community by holding many events both big and small.  We have opened our doors for private events, organized gatherings, fun tournaments and opportunities to relax and enjoy the company and friendship of others.  Since October 24, 1945,  VFW Post 4630 has been a welcomed asset to the community.  Even more important,  Post 4630 has been a bigger asset in the VFW's mission: "To foster camaraderie among United States Veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our Veterans, the military and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all Veterans." 

We thank the Veterans who established the VFW Post 4630, 75 years ago, the new management and Post members who continue to voluntarily help with operations.  It is worth fighting for Post 4630’s survival during these difficult times as a result of Covid-19.  Please stand and fight with us, as faithful patrons, community members and as proud patriots. Consider donating to help the Veterans of Post 4630 to maintain our Home.

Please reach out to family, friends, your local community and beyond.  No donation is too small! Please share this on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media to make this go viral!!!
With your support, we will continue to keep our doors open and stand ready to support the next generation of Veterans returning home and our community.

Thank you in advance & God Bless America!